independent study

Independent Study

Studio space for independent artists!

Independent Study is available for advanced students who prefer working on their own. Artists can produce at their own pace due to flexible studio hours! All independent artists receive a key to the studio. As a result, artists can produce small batches of ceramics to sell, come into the studio before or after work hours and collaborate with other independent artists.

Independent Study members receive:

– a personal locker

– a key to the studio for 24/7/365 access

– 50 pounds of clay

– glazes, tools, and other materials to use

– opportunity to link your online shop on our Friends of Park West page with a banner (no charge).


Pricing: $175 per month. If your month is up and you didn’t use all of your original 50 lbs. of clay, you can pay a $30 locker fee to extend your studio time an additional month.

To become an Independent Study, please call at 773-416-5615 or email!