Intermediate Pottery Classes

intermediate pottery classes

Next session starts Nov. 6TH!

The Nov. session will be 10 weeks long. There will be "no classes" the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas, so not to conflict with the holidays.

Intermediate pottery classes are part of our morning and night classes at PWC! Intermediate students will concentrate on refining their skills for creating more dynamic shapes. Learn to create lids, pull handles and create surface texture in intermediate pottery classes. Students will also learn different glazing methods. Hand building lessons are available upon request for these classes. Intermediate pottery classes are a combination of what the student wants to see and what the teacher deems important to learn. Glazing will take place during the 8th and final week. Students are allowed to make up any missed intermediate pottery classes.


Fee $275 - Eight (8) weeks long and includes the following:

- a three (3) hour class once a week

- open studio time on Saturdays for extra practice (11am-6pm)!

- unlimited clay to work with

- all materials needed to properly throw, trim and glaze

- returning students receive a $25 discount!


Available Morning Sessions:

Mondays - 10:30am-1:30pm 

Tuesdays - 10:30am-1:30pm 


Available Night Sessions:

Wednesdays - 7:00-10:00pm


Open Studio (included):
Attending open studio on Saturdays is critical to student development. The student who attends open studio on Saturdays in addition to their weekday class will achieve a higher skill level than the student who only comes once a week. We highly encourage our students to attend open studio on Saturdays and reach their highest potential and achieve creative satisfaction. Students who are registered in the Saturday morning class can attend classes during the week nights in addition to their Saturday morning class. This will allow Saturday students to have that twice a week experience that our week night students have.